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My love of creating and playing video games goes back to my early life growing up in Dublin, Ireland. Having taught myself programming on an old Atari 8-bit system, it seemed inevitable that I should study Computer Science at university and pursue a career making games. To this day, I feel very lucky to say that I love what I do for a living.

Keeping up with every major game release can be daunting, but I do my best. My all-time favourites include Super Mario 64, StarCraft, Half Life 2, and the Metal Gear Solid series.

I’m vegetarian, and particularly enjoy Indian food. I’m a fan of Woody Allen movies, and my favourite author is Flann O’Brien. I’m also something of a comedy geek (e.g. The Goon Show and Monty Python) and I love soul & funk music (Prince, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Parliament Funkadelic etc).

Currently living near Edinburgh with my wife and my daughter. I love cold weather, a warm pub and great conversation!

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