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Playing now: it’s-a-me

Published on 30/01/2012 by in games

Finally, a 2D Mario game I can enjoy!

So, I admit that towards the tail-end (tee hee) of 2011 I was feeling some gruffness-fatigue. I was sick of the annual editions of “Man-Shooter 12 – The Deadening” and “Stabby Man 5”¬†– I really just wanted something well-crafted, cheery and fun.

And I must admit also, that I was never very good at the old 2D Mario games. I appreciate them, but don’t enjoy them as much as I know I might, if only I had the reflexes.

Then along came¬†Super Mario 3D Land to restore my faith in gaming. I love the simplicity of the old fashioned “keep going right” objective. I love that there is just the right amount of exploration (e.g. hunting for secrets) but not too much. Lastly, I love the fact that I can actually get through it, there are enough little helps and leg-ups to keep me going.

From reading the enjoyable Iwata Asks articles, it sounds like the game was made in a bit of a hurry, but that really doesn’t come across at all. Possibly the best Mario in years?


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