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Mass Effect 3

Published on 06/04/2012 by in games

Finally got around to finishing off Mass Effect 3. I have not yet felt the urge to grab torches, pitchforks etc and camp outside Bioware HQ.

Certainly, the final few minutes of the game are somewhat disappointing and nonsensical. It feels like they just ran out of time. Gamers are pretty used to seeing this sort of thing unfortunately, as late-game content rarely gets the development time it deserves.

Overall though, the entire game was a pretty spectacular send-off for all the cast. Lots of loose ends tied up, lots of fan-service, lots of little mentions of decisions I made in the previous titles. Astonishing really. I don’t think any developer has ever done as much to preserve the narrative as experienced by each player across an entire series. Perhaps that’s why each game has become structurally more and more linear – as each sequel must inherit a greater amount of player history, merely supporting the full gamut of player decisions from earlier games leaves little time for creating rich and diverse side missions.

For that reason and others (mostly related to the final minutes of ME3) I hope the next ME game starts anew with a clean slate.

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