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Double Fine Adventure

Published on 09/02/2012 by in gamedev, games

A few weeks ago a friend of mine told me to check out Kickstarter. I loved the idea but was disappointed by the selection of video game projects on there. My impression was that they were all just a bit amateurish, simply not strong enough to secure funding by more conventional means. If only more credible developers would give this a shot, I thought, it could be a really big deal.

And so it has come to pass. Tim Schafer and his chums at Double Fine – a company whose existence I am glad of, even though I rarely buy their games – put up their own Kickstarter fundraiser for a new point-and-click adventure game. Less than eight hours later, they had their money. A day later, they had doubled the original funding goal. I know it doesn’t work like that for everyone, and not everyone gets to be Tim Schafer, but it is hard not to be impressed. No doubt a big part of this success is down to the fact that there are many gamers “of a certain age” who regard the works of guys like Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert with infinite amounts of fondness and goodwill, are now all grown up ¬†with disposable incomes etc. For me, the bottom line is that I really do like so-called point and click adventure games. Their absence from the modern video gaming landscape is a constant source of disappointment for me.

So I stumped up some cash like everyone else. Really looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. I bet a lot of independent studios are watching this with great interest too.

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